Press Releases

December 2017
In New Letter, Senate Democrats Tax Bill Conferees Urge GOP To Conduct Conference In Open & Transparent Way – Senators Demand At Least 3 Public Meetings, The Opportunity To Offer Amendments, & Complete Expert Analysis On New Bill’s Economic Impact Before Conference Report is Finalized
Schumer, Pelosi Joint Statement on White House Meeting
Schumer Names Senate Democratic Conferees to GOP’s Tax Scam Conference
Schumer Statement Calling on Sen. Franken to Resign
Schumer: Bank of America Stock Buyback Shows Tax Bill Will Benefit Wealthy Corporations, Not Workers
Schumer, Pelosi Joint Statement on White House Meeting to Discuss Year-End Agenda
Schumer Statement on GOP Tax Bill
Senate Republicans Have Abandoned Years of Concerns About the Debt and Deficit To Push a Tax Giveaway to the Wealthy and Corporations
November 2017
Schumer, Pelosi Joint Statement on Congressional Leaders’ Meeting with President Trump
The Republican Tax Plan Is Even Worse Than You Thought Before Thanksgiving
Schumer Statement on the Next Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Schumer Statement on Net Neutrality
Schumer Statement on Supplemental Disaster Relief Funding Request
Corporate Tax Giveaways Will Benefit Wealthy Shareholders – Not Middle Class Wages or Job Creation
Schumer Statement on Sen. Franken
Joined By Retired Teamsters & Miners, Senate & House Democrats Unveil New ‘Better Deal’ Proposal To Ensure 1.5 Million Retired Workers Across Country Keep Their Earned Pensions In Full
The Republican Tax Plan Prioritizes The Wealthy And Corporations Over Middle Class – And A New Poll Shows The American People Don’t Like It
Schumer Statement on CFPB Director Cordray’s Decision to Step Down
Schumer Statement on New Senate GOP Tax Bill
Schumer Statement on Individual Mandate Repeal Being Added to Tax Bill
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