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September 2019
Schumer Calls On Leader McConnell, Senate GOP Committee Chairmen To Take Immediate Action To Secure Intelligence Community Whistleblower Complaint And Launch Investigation Into Withheld Ukraine Aid; Schumer Outlines Five Actions The Republican-Led Senate Can Take Now To Hold Trump Administration Accountable
Schumer Statement On The Two-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Maria
Schumer Statement On Report Detailing “Dire Outcomes” For Military Families If GOP Refuses To Stop The Trump Administration’s Plan To Steal Funds For Military Construction Projects To Pay For Border Wall
Senate Dem Leaders Urge Republicans To Negotiate Bipartisan Spending Allocations Instead Of Stealing Much-Needed Funds From Domestic Priorities And Military Construction Projects To Pay For The President's Border Wall
Schumer Statement On The Passing Of Cokie Roberts
What They’re Saying: Editorial Boards Across The Country Slam President Trump For Diverting Military Construction Funds To His Unnecessary, Ineffective Border Wall That He Promised Mexico Would Pay For
Schumer, Cotton Request FCC Conduct Review Of Prior FCC-Granted Licenses Authorizing Two Chinese Telecomm Companies – Owned And Controlled By The Chinese Government – To Operate In The U.S.; Senators’ Letter Follows FCC’s Recent Rejection Of China Mobile USA’s Application For Same Authorization On National Security Grounds
Schumer, Pelosi Joint Statement on Phone Conversation with President Trump 200 Days Since House Passage of Bipartisan Background Checks Legislation
Schumer, Gillibrand Denounce Menashi Nomination To New York 2nd Circuit, Cite Long, Disturbing Record
Following Senate Dem Request, Federal Watchdog Says They Will Investigate Trump Admin’s Efforts To Seize Privately Held Land To Build Southern Border Wall
President Trump Promised Mexico Would Pay For His Expensive, Ineffective Border Wall – Instead, American Families Are Footing The Bill
What They’re Saying: Editorial Boards Across The Country Continue To Call On President Trump And Senator Mitch McConnell To Take Action On Universal Background Checks.
Schumer Statement On Report That Republicans’ Healthcare Sabotage Has Resulted In Millions Fewer People With Healthcare Insurance Coverage And Skyrocketing Costs
Schumer Statement On President Trump Firing National Security Advisor John Bolton
Schumer Statement On Report That Secretary Of Commerce Wilbur Ross Threatened Firings At NOAA After The Agency Contradicted President Trump’s Erroneous Claims
Leader Schumer And Speaker Pelosi Send Letter To President Trump Calling On President To Support House-Passed Bipartisan Background Checks Act And Help Save Lives
Senate Democrats Urge President Trump To Push For Action Against North Korea For Violation Of U.N. Security Resolutions And To Redouble Efforts To Build Pragmatic Path To Verifiable Denuclearization
Schumer Statement On President Trump Raiding $771 Million From Program To Counter Russian Aggression To Pay For Unnecessary Wall He Said Mexico Would Pay For
Schumer Statement On Reports That Odessa, TX Shooter Purchased Rifle At Private Sale, Bypassing Background Check
Schumer Strongly Condemns Trump Administration Taking Money From Important Military Construction Projects In New York, Across The United States, And Around The World To Pay For Ineffective Border Wall
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